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About Lisa Cleverton


Lisa studied at both The Royal Ballet School and English National Ballet School, performing with both professional companies before joining the Scottish Ballet.


She performed professionally for 11 years dancing many soloist and principle roles throughout her career. Lisa experienced the GYROTONIC EXPANSION SYSTEM® towards the latter end of her dancing career. So impressed with

the fast and effective results she soon decided to explore the path of becoming a Gyrotonic instructor.


In 2002 Lisa pioneered and became the first full time Gyrotonic instructor of Scottish Ballet, where she successfully trained and rehabilitated back from injury the dancers of Scottish Ballet. Hilary Cartwright is Lisa's master trainer, Lisa has been privileged to have done Yoga for dancers with Hilary.
After working at Scottish Ballet for 3 years she choose relocate to the South West.

Successfully developing the first Gyrotonic Studio in Bath, since 2006 she has been successfully working with an array of ages and abilities.

In 2009 Lisa has undertaken the training of Gyrokineisis with Leda Franklin and certified with Juliu Horvath in 2010.

In 2011 Lisa completed Paul Horvath's Therapeutic Pelvic Girdle & lumbar course and has recently completed Hilary Cartwright's Pre & post hip replacement course in 2012

Lisa returned to The Royal Ballet School in 2012-13 and successfully completed her ex-professional dancers teachers course with Distinction.

In 2015 Lisa completed the Gyrotonic Application for the Facial body with Irene Rampino.

Lisa's latest training in 2016 was about the psoas with Juergen Bamberger.


“I hope to share the massive benefits I have experienced since discovering Gyrotonic, having tried various ways to try and rehabilitate back from injuries throughout my professional ballet career, I found Gyrotonic the most effective way to gain courage and confidence to move without pain again.


Often injuries can be a huge learning curve mentally as well as physically and you can come back stronger if you rehabilitate safely.

Every person that comes to my studio presents a different experence for me, I am thrilled so many people are starting to explore this system, it is teaching people more physical awareness and has enhanced so many of their lives.

To have Gyrotonic available to children that are involved in physical activity, be it any form of Sport or Dance, would be so valuable to maximizing their potential. I know, having trained so intensely from an early age, the minor strains and sprains suffered over the years can build into major injuries.

To have had the opportunity to have worked on the Gyrotonic Expansion System from an early age would have increased my strength and flexibility and probably saved me a lot of pain throughout my professional career, but would also have given me so much more confidence in my abilities.

My physical experience in the Gyrotonic Expansion System is a constant developing journey and enjoy that it to continues enhance other people’s lives”



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