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What does a GYROTONIC session involve?


At your first session you will be asked to provide your instructor with details of any physical injuries or medical problems that will enable your Gyrotonic instructor to customise your session to suit your specific needs. 


Your Gyrotonic instructor will explain the principles of the system and introduce you to some basic movements. 

During the session your instructor will verbally guide you as well as physically assist you through each movement to allow you to feel the full benefits of the Gyrotonic Expansion System.


Each session is individually tailored to your own personal needs and you will work within your own physical capabilities. You should not feel any pain but may sometimes feel a sensation of stretching. Your instructor will encourage you to talk to her throughout the session so that she can be aware of how you are feeling.


As you become more familiar with the Gyrotonic Expansion System and you gain more strength, the sessions will become more advanced enabling you to continue to maximise your physical capabilities.


Your co-ordination and rhythm will improve with each Gyrotonic session; this in turn will enhance the way that you perform everyday movements. Your flexibility, posture and own physical awareness will significantly improve.


Throughout your Gyrotonic sessions you will be shown how to focus on your breathing, this will aid relaxation as well as increasing the oxygen supply to the muscles and organs.



One to one 1 hour Gyrotonic sessions £50

First appointment may take longer.

Block Booking 5 sessions £240

• All Fees are non refundable with a 3 month expiry
• 24 Hour cancellation policy or full payment is required
• Clients must be aware that they are participating in physical activity at their own risk
• Payments to be made by cheque or cash
• All appointments to be made in advance by telephoning Lisa on 07933356801 or e mailing lisacleverton1@hotmail.co.uk


Classes prices can be found in the Gyrokinesis page

• To enquire about a place on a course call Lisa on 07933356801
or e mail lisacleverton1@hotmail.co.uk
• To book a place on a course please send a cheque payable to: Lisa Cleverton
and send to:Lisa Cleverton ,Milsom Street Clinic, 28 Milsom Street, Bath, BA1 1DG
• All bookings are non-refudable, with a 48 hour policy before the course commences.
• There are no refunds for any missed classes during the 6 or 8 weeks
• Clients must be aware that they are participating in physical activity at their own risk


Gift vouchers can be purchased for both Gyrotonic sessions or Gyrokinesis classes.


What to wear?


Wear something you will feel comfortable in and that will allow you to move freely. You do not require footwear; bare feet or socks can be worn.


Compared to other ways of exercising how is Gyrotonic different?


You may have experienced fixed path machines in a Gym environment?  The difference that you will feel in experiencing the exercises on the Gyrotonic Expansion system to a machine at the Gym is that the gym machines work specifically on one muscle or muscle group. The Gyrotonic exercises are developed in a multi dimensional way that you work on more than one muscle group at a time. Strengthening and encouraging, smooth movement patterns, which are reflected in every day life. Spiralling, stretching and increasing you’re overall mobility.


In comparison to other forms of more holistic approaches to exercise, such as a Pilates, the emphasis has the same focus on strengthening the core and improving your posture, the difference being the multidimensionality of the Gyrotonic movements.



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